Removable Mesh Pool Fencing

Our removable mesh fencing by Pool Guard is the benchmark for pool safety fencing worldwide. It is made in the USA and carries a limited lifetime warranty! Built in mildew inhibitors and UV blockers keep your fence new, so the same fence that protects your kids will be the fence that protects your grand kids.


Premium vs. Economy Mesh

Economy meshes are being sold at the same price as premium mesh, so it is important to be able to tell the difference. (Premium) Interlock mesh is a stronger, more transparent mesh that provides an unobstructed view of your pool. (Economy) Textilene has a weaker construction that is more prone to stretch and is less transparent.

Pool fence premium mesh fabric Pool fence economy mesh fabric

Strong, Durable Pole Construction

With all the debate out there about what makes the strongest pole, we feel it is important to only provide products that are proven, and ignore the gimmicks. Every fence we install has poles that are extruded from 6063 aluminum, and have lead the industry in durability through all of the trends. (6063 is a marine grade alloy that will not corrode like steel, so you can rest assured that your fence can still pass the ASTM testing after many years of use.)

Safety Gate Options

Choose from 3 gate options!

Pool fence self closing secure self closing gate Pool fence self closing wheel chair accessible gate

We offer two styles of self closing/ self latching gates that are key lockable, so your fence is as convenient as it is safe.

Pool fence manual closing gate Pool fence manual closing gate with six foot opening

The manual gate option fits any budget and makes a 6 foot opening without removing the entire fence section.

Fully Customizable

Customize your fence height, color, and layout for a perfect fit!

Pool fencing pole color options Pool fencing color options Custom height pool fence for small dog Custom pool fencing for pets