Pool Alarms

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Safety Turtle Alarm

The Safety Turtle alarm is a base unit that pairs with wristbands that are worn by children. The wristband locks on the child's wrist until removed by an adult with the key. If the wristband gets wet the alarm sounds. The user friendly design is confusion free and can be paired with as many wristbands as needed.

Safety Turtle pool alarm installation in Elk Grove, CA

Pet Kit

Many dog breeds and other pets are not able to swim. The Safety Turtle base unit will operate with a remote specially designed to fit on a pet collar.

Safety Turtle pool alarm pet kit installation in Elk Grove, CA

Inground Pool Alarm PGRM-2

The PGRM-2 monitors your pool's surface tension and sounds locally as well as at a base unit placed within 200 feet. The alarm will detect a child weighing 18 pounds or more (most 1 year olds weigh at least 18 pounds) falling into the pool.

Inground pool alarm installation in Elk Grove, CA